Behind The Flavours: E-Liquids Explained

Why do we use the term e-liquid?  The first initial naming of e-liquid came from an e-cigarette containing liquid. It didn’t take long for the two words to merge creating the term e-liquid. More recently you’ll find a wide range of names for e-liquid including e-juice, vape liquid, vape juice and more!   Regardless of what name you decide to call it, we are more than confident that you will remember The Stuff e-liquid for what it’s renowned for, it’s incredible mouth-watering flavour that comes with premium quality throughout!   What is the flavour of The Stuff e-liquid?  The Stuff e-liquid can be found throughout vape stores across the country and more recently even internationally! The early beginnings of our flavours began with three perfectly crafted ranges; The Sweet Stuff, The Dessert Stuff and The Salt Stuff, with the latest collection of pure fruitiness, The Cider Stuff.   Without giving away our top-secret recipes, we can tell you all of our e-liquids combine high grade PG and VG with the highest quality food graded flavours to create the perfect blend of flavour you’ll find with The Stuff e-liquids!   More Flavours vs. More Vapour  dessert-stuff-e-liquid You may have noticed that you get more vapour with some e-liquids and with others less vapour and a little more flavour.  E-liquids consist of three main ingredients; Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) and flavourings, four ingredients if you count the nicotine!   VG is the thicker liquid, much like a syrup which produces a higher level of vapour when heated. On the other hand, PG is the thinner liquid making it a great way to carry flavour within e-liquid whilst also creating a hit like feeling on the back of the throat like you’d find with smoking.   The amount of flavour/vapour you like is subjectable and there is no right or wrong way to vape. The Stuff e-liquids create two different types of e-liquid for this reason.   If you prefer a vape with more cloud then our high VG ranges found within The Sweet Stuff, The Dessert Stuff and The Cider Stuff will be ideal. If you’re looking for a vape with more of a throat hit and lesser cloud, then The Salt Stuff is the perfect selection for you!   What nicotine should I use?  e-liquid-the-stuff-e-liquid The great nicotine dilemma has been around since the beginning of vaping. Once again, nicotine strength and type are massively subjective, much like flavour. If you’re just looking for great flavour, all of our e-liquids, besides The Salt stuff come nicotine free as an option!   When it comes to nicotine, there are two options currently available. Firstly, there’s freebase nicotine which was the original way of producing nicotine and is still a method widely used to this date.   Secondly there is the introduction of nicotine sales (also known as Nic Salts) which is what you’ll find within The Salt Stuff e-liquids. Nic Salts are a newer innovation with some great advantages over freebase nicotine.   The main difference with Nic Salts allowing for higher nicotine strengths without being too unpleasantly harsh on the throat. Because of this, Nic Salt e-liquids can be a great way to quit smoking!  How long will a bottle of e-liquid last?  The length of time it will take to go through a bottle of e-liquid will vary significantly depending on how much you vape. On average we calculate that 10ml of e-liquid is the equivalent to around 100 cigarettes which in turn will last up to one week, although if you vape more you could be seen to use around the vaping average of 100ml of e-liquid per month.  So, which is the best e-liquid for me?   sweet-stuff-e-liquids Like pretty much all areas of the vaping industry, finding the right flavour for you is all down to your own personal preference and palate. We’ve broken down our entire range of premium quality e-liquids below so you can gather a greater understanding of each flavour:   

The Cider Stuff 

Our latest range of mouth-watering fruity goodness! The Cider Stuff is the perfect range for summer days out or even when keeping warm from the winter bitterness indoors. Consisting of; Apple and Blackcurrant, Dark Fruits, Passionfruit, Red Fruits 


The Sweet Stuff 

The original range for The Stuff e-liquids. A collection of 10 premium range flavours from fruit infused flavours such as Berry Lime to candy favourites including Bubblegum Candy and Pink Sherbet. Also don’t forget the triple fruits of Orange, Pineapple & Guava alongside Watermelon Strawberry Bubblegum 


The Dessert Stuff 

The finest crafted dessert flavours including Butterscotch Custard, Caramel Vanilla Cream and Profiteroles Cream! The Dessert Stuff is perfect for those with a sweet tooth and enjoy a warming and welcoming dessert vape. 


The Salt Stuff 

One of the originals from The Stuff E-liquid! The Salt Stuff takes the best flavours from across all of our flavour ranges and provides them in nic salt form to enjoy as an everyday vape or night out!   


Our e-liquid top tips: 

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight 

Clean tank when changing e-liquid flavour to prevent mixed flavours 

If adding a nic shot ensure you shake the bottle well to mix liquid equally