The Cider Stuff is Here!

On a cold autumn evening there’s nothing better than warming yourself up with a refreshing alcoholic beverage and nothing quite beats the refreshing fruity taste that a cider can produce. 

Britain is known for its diverse beverages and cider industry so what better range to release in the colder months than The Cider Stuff  

Coronavirus may have limited your social activities and nights out to the pub, but with The Cider Stuff, you’ll now be able to enjoy the refreshing taste of cider without leaving your home! 

This highly anticipated launch was set back slightly to ensure that we got the flavour perfect for each unique cider. We went through hundreds of variants to get the perfect blend of cider fruitiness.  

We’re sure that you’ll find your perfect flavour within this launch, whether it be something you’re used to with our red or dark fruits cider, or with something diverse with passion fruit or apple and blackcurrant!  


Apple and Blackcurrant

The classic blend of sharp apple with ripe blackcurrants that is sure to make your mouth water. 

Dark Fruits 

A perfect blend of wild currants and the darkest berries which creates a moreish cider e-liquid. 

Passion Fruit 

A full flavoured passionfruit cider with a softly rounded aroma that gives an amazing exotic and juicy cider taste. 

Red Fruits 

A blend of delicious ripe red fruits in a sweet and tangy cider e-liquid that is a refreshing perfect all day vape. 


Whether you’re a cider lover or not, the unique fruitiness and flavour that The Cider Stuff produces is sure to provide refreshing lasting taste in your life.  

Interested in The Cider Stuff? Check out the full range here!